*** this is a retro blog from 11/5/2006 – i didn’t really keep a blog back then but kept a brief digital diary in my phone which i just recently discovered.

i picked up a new hobby a few days ago- learning how to spin. my office space at Tavalon Tea Bar is directly next to our DJ booth. I’ve always wanted to learn how to spin but never had the opportunity. now that we have 68 DJ’s on the team it is about time to get a few of them to give me some lessons. So i’m on the turntables(translation: playing my ipod but nobody has to know that) and this gorgeous girl walks in. you could spot her from a mile away. I look closer and its Adriana Lima, the Victoria Secret Model. so dash down the stairs to introduce myself. it was truly pathetic but i couldn’t stop giggling in front of her. i busted out the camera only to find the memory card FULL. i couldn’t believe it! so i’m asking her to hold a pose while i delete some pictures on the card. i finally managed to get my act together and took a few shots. i present to you the brazilian bombshell, Adriana Lima at Tavalon Tea Bar.