Just got back from the award dinner and heading straight to the airport for the world tea expo in vegas.  i’ve never traveled in my tuxedo before but i guess there’s always a first for everything.  the dinner was awesome but i wish i had the opportunity to meet with more of the award recipients.  there were some big hitters out there and the highlight was Tony Hsieh’s (the pinnacle award recipient) speech.  it was a black tie event but this guy strolled up in tshirt/jeans, pretty bold…  but then again billionaires don’t become billionaires by conforming and going with with grain…  you could just feel the energy and brain power from this guy.  i was also paired up with some interesting people at my table.  it was a very humbling experience and glad i had the opportunity to participate and honored amongst these great visionaries. ok now i’m ready for the forbes list! just kidding but not really.
Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award