May of 2010 definitely left its mark on my life’s journey and it will be a month that is going to be very hard to forget…

1)  May 8th- i lost a very close friend of mine of 14 years to a tragic boating accident.  (RIP Scooter)

2) May 27th- broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years.  (will only remember the good times)

3) the biz revenue for May was horrendous

4) Suffered from the worst allergies (pollen) in my entire life during the whole month of May

5) May 31st – lost the best tenants that I had in my VA condo

they say when it rains it pours.  well, i feel like i just got hit by a tsunami…  its almost like i’m being tested but i guarantee that i will pass with flying colors.  june is here and it is time to unfold a new chapter in my life.  a stronger, matured, focused, and optimistic ME will be unleashed and great things will happen.

dear May of 2010, I will remember you and I am glad that we will never cross paths again.