i lost one of my dearest of friends today.  i got the call from another close friend of mine while i was on the road.  i couldn’t believe it and still can’t believe that he’s gone…  i’ve known chris “scooter” smith since high school and remained close friends for 14 years.  scooter had a very free spirit and always had a way to make every situation more enjoyable.  we lived together for a while in college and i have never gotten into so much trouble, EVER…  we always joked about how if one of us were to die today that he would’ve lived a more meaningful life because i spend the majority of my time planning for the future while he was busy indulging in the moment…

life is just way too short so live and love life.

scooter, we got arrested together in college, almost got beat down by massive jamaicans for crashing their jet skis, nearly died from alcohol poisoning on the cruise, but the best is knowing that i could call you a friend.  you were a great friend and a brother to me.  thanks for the memories and see you on the flip side.    now you can call me jake all you want, i promise not to get mad…  btw, remember that yacht we promised to buy together before we hit 40?  i’ll buy it and name it after you.  love you kid.

Your Bro,