*** this is a retro blog from 12/07/2005 – i didn’t really keep a blog back then but kept a brief digital diary in my phone which i just recently discovered.

i’ve seen over 100 spaces in nyc and finally decided on 400 square/foot location in Union Square.  the space used to be a coffee shop that recently went out of business.  we’re located diagonally from diesel and 1 block away from wholefoods.  the foot traffic is amazing (about 80 to 90 people per minute walking in front of the store during peak hours).  yes i sat in front of the store with a clicker.  the main purpose of this store is promote our brand so we decided to go on a main street vs. a smaller side street with lower visibility.
tomorrow is the day we sign the lease. i’m mad nervous but crazy excited… i have to go to the bank early in the am to get certified checks for these guys. there’s no turning back now. i’m planning to throw in some curve balls tomorrow to see if we can get a break on our rent during buildout. i’m projecting that buildout will take approx 45 days but you never know in this crazy city. i’m going through the lease again to make sure that everything is in tact. landlords really have all the power in manhattan, i can’t wait to be in that position someday. our place comes out to be approx $300 per sq/ft. ludicrous right?

let the games begin!

***oh how naive i was back then…  the build out took 90 days NOT 45 and  the cost to build out was 2X what we had budgeted.  curve balls with the landlord didn’t work out either…  if i only knew then what i know now.